Paper Shredding Service

Every business generates paper that must be properly destroyed. Unless you own an incenerator that means shredding. Our goal is to make the job of shredding easy and cost effective for your business.

With industrial shredders we can make quick work of any shredding job. Your paper will be turned into little bits, mixed with thousands of pounds of other shredded paper and then recycled. The recycling process turns the paper into pulp so it can never be put back together.

So How Does It Work?

You have a couple of options. One is mobile shredding, an industrial shredder is built into a truck and we bring it to you. You can watch the entire process. The second option is off site shredding. You material is pickup up and taken in locked bins to be shredded at our secure facility. Both are secure options but the question is if you prefer to witness the shredding.

Most buinesses have shredding that needs to be done every month. You get free shredding bins placed in your office. Simply place all the documents produced on a daily basis in the secure bin instead of the trash. Your private information gets properly destroyed instead of being exposed to competitors, disgruntled employees, and dumpster divers.

How Much Does it Costs?

Prices are based on how much you have to be shredded and how often. Let us know what you have and we will get you a quote.







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